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11 Habits of People Who Are Debt Free

Ever wonder the habits of people who are debt free? They are specific and important if you want to get out of debt. Learn how to adopt these habits too.

Katherine looked right into me with those fierce chestnut eyes, pinning me in place. "You're not your father." Her voice didn't have its usual sharp edge, and for once she almost sounded soft. She gently raised her hand and touched my cheek. Our lips weren't even three inches apart now. "I know you're not. You're good, and thoughtful, and kind. I know that. Even if no one else can see it."

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People are weird. *frown* They have the annoying habit of being, most of the time, impossible to understand.

35 examples of slow shutter speed - a few I really like (old farm house and star trails, light house with beam, beaches, etc.)

Pebble in the Sky by Isaac Asimov

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