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And God created Saturn…

Couldn't help laughing at this. :-)

Star Trek Tafelrunde "Hermann Darnell" Potsdam Babelsberg: Das große Tafelrundengewinnspiel: Build a Star Trek Meme! // So much win in one pic!

I laughed way too hard at this, but couldn't help it.

Nothing ruins a Friday like realizing it's only Wednesday.

Don't drink and derive (math geek shirt)

von Etsy

Personalized leather luggage label that Charms its way Off the Carousel into Your Arms. XL

Luggage tags that both compliment and call for help. Not only will you be able to distinguish your bag from the rest, but someone with a similar sense of humor might actually help you find it!

Das Universum in einer Nussschale | Das Kraftfuttermischwerk

haha i saw that about a year ago watching star trek with my brothers and i just couldn't get over it