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Schofield top-break revolver (competitor to the Colt Peacemaker, which required a much slower reload.) A .45 Smith & Wesson revolver.

Hand-engraved Schofield 1875 top-break revolver.

Tybalts Rapier from the Movie Romeo + Juliet

Smith & Wesson Model 24/ Model 1950 Target/ .44 Hand Ejector Fourth Model- We sometimes seem to favor .45s, so here’s a chance for the .44 caliber crowd of enthusiasts to enjoy the spotlight. This engraved Smith & Wesson with a trio of good names; the Model 24, the Model 1950 Target and the .44 Hand Ejector Fourth Model. No matter what you elect to call it, this heavy frame double-action revolver from Springfield, Massachusetts offers all the bells and whistles.

richards type 1 conversion pictures | Colt 1860 First Model Original Cartridge C. B. Richards Conversion

Col. Roosevelt’s Smith & Wesson Revolver-Attributed by S factory records to Col. Roosevelt. He likely took delivery of this gun prior to training his Rough Riders at San Antonio. This gun features "combat target" sights & is one of only 3- 4 known to have been chambered for the .38 U.S. Service caliber cartridge, unlike most chambered in .44 Russian caliber. Standard features include a top-break frame, automatic cartridge ejection as the barrel opened fully, & a rebounding-type hammer.