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Walter Russell - Wave Optics and Space Geometry Series No. | Two Tetrahedrons / Sacred Geometry

The prime spiral, also known as Ulam's spiral, is a plot in which the positive integers are arranged in a spiral with primes indicated in some way along the spiral. In the above variation of the Ulam spiral, red squares represent prime numbers and white squares represent non-primes. / Sacred Geometry <3

Emerald crystals with Pyrite

You Can See Sound! "Old Indian diagrams of Chakras and Yantra-Mandalas are strikingly similar to the geometry of sound. The Indians understood quantum physics; that the body and the Universe is a cloud of vibrating energy, and that the secret of health and happiness is to keep these layers of energy in tune." "Low frequency sounds produce circles as the frequency increases sound patterns are more intricate and complex."

Mathemagician Vi Hart Explains Spirals and Fibonacci Numbers in Doodles and Vegetables. I love this video and all her others.

iron pyrite

Fluorite with Pyrite

Pale Amethystine Pyrite Highlights Drusy Druzy by FenderMinerals,

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