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Erkunde Kobold, Bett und noch mehr!

"We were young And shivering And ancient And alive"

flowers in french daffodil - la jonquille daisy - la marguerite tulip - la tulipe lily - le lys sunflower - le tournesol carnation - l’œillet (m) rose - la rose rosebud - le bouton de rose cherry tree - le cerisier via frenchaise tumblr dandelion - le pissenlit honeysuckle - le chèvrefeuille aster - l’aster (m) orchid - l’orchidée (f) flower bouquet - le bouquet de fleurs to blossom - fleurir flower - la fleur flowering tree - l’arbre en fleur (m) meadow - la prairie petal - le pé...

this could've been good casting and a good Peter Pan story if OUAT didn't love ruining childhood memories and taking something about a young hero and mutilating it

Not all are worthy of light. But no one deserves darkness. (excerpt from chapter 3, please delete if you pin)

(Joshua) Forced to move town after his father was sentenced to life in prison for double homicide • Grew up in poverty • Was forced to steal food to feed his family • Falsely accused of homicide and robbery