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Inside Syria: The Backstory of Their Civil War and What the World Can Expect

The Sandcastle Girls describes some of the horrible events that were part of the Armenian genocide in Turkey during World War 1. The reader follows characters in Turkey during the genocide and their ancestors in the U.S. now. The book feels like a memoir instead of a novel. It's so personal and intense.

In the middle of one of the worst civil wars in Syria's history, Louise Monaghan walked across a heavily guarded border to save her six-year-old child from the father who had callously snatched her from her home in Cyprus. Fearing for her daughter's future under the oppressive Sharia law, the Irish mother returned to her ex-husband, Mostafa Assad, to bide her time until she could escape with her daughter. #memoir #excerpt #Syria

Dr. Wafa Sultan tells her story of growing up in Syria

An anguished mother says a terror tyke seen in ISIS propaganda sporting a black headband and a tiny AK-47 is her son – and she's pleading for help in getting the 3-year-old back from the terror gro...

The Biography of Jane Digby- A scandalous life, by Mary Lovell What can I's a FANTASTIC book, gripped me from beginning to end...but then again there is an incredible woman behind the if you are looking for great literary merits or prouesses this is not the one. but what a life this woman had. it made me so WANT to go to Damascus and try to find her home and the English garden she created...but likely to have disappeared. :-(((

The world didn't want to know about the Jews escaping Nazi Europe. Many times, western nations sent Jews back to Europe to face certain death.

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