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"You'll pay the price I tell ya! Where's the stash you yellow belly underhanded schemer." "I swears, I don't know nothing. On my life I swear it!"

So true about Layla. I wanted a giant dog and instead got this little, tiny ball of fluff that has been the most perfect companion I've ever known. ❤️

7 Reasons Co-Sleeping May Not Be So Bad

Totally Adorable Cute Little Ball of Fluff Baby Kitten - Aww!

A Cheetah mom at Burgers' Zoo in the Netherlands has her paws full with a litter of six frisky cubs. Watch video at

Beautiful Bird Huddles

.einfach süß

Just gotta get this little itch taken care of...

adorable ball of fluff❤ | Cute as a Kitten ♥♥