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A piece of jewellery from the Silverdale Viking hoard

Nested bracelet from the Silverdale Hoard. Image by Ian Richardson viking

The Cuerdale hoard, one of the largest Viking silver hoards ever found.

Norse arm ring - Silverdale Hoard - Lancashire

von Mail Online

The find of a lifetime: Treasure hunter digs up 200-piece haul of Viking jewellery and coins

1,000 year old Viking jewellery hoard found in Cumbria UK by a Mr Webster, find included jewellery and coins, get your metal detectors out!!

The silver hoards of the Vikings - Nationalmuseet. We can see evidence of the Vikings’ activities abroad from the silver hoards. Many of these hoards contain objects that come from faraway places. The hoards consist mainly of silver goods-the real currency of the Viking Age. Goods were paid for in silver by weight. A few hoards may be votive offerings. Most of the finds seem to be stocks of valuables that were hidden during times of trouble.