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“TV-Helmet (Portable living room)”, 1967 by Walter Pichler.

Future communication by Sammelalben - Zukunftsfantasien, ca. 1930

TV Helmet (The Portable Living Room) by Walter Pichler, 1967

von Paleofuture

The High Tech Hotel of 1921 Had an Alarm Clock In Every Room

Retro Zukunft,1921,Hightech,Die Höhe,Gestern,Uhren,Steampunk,Tech Hotel,Alarm Clock

"One of the earliest time-travel stories, Seeker of To-morrow by Eric Frank Russell and Leslie J. Johnson, features "an air-tight time-travel room" which is described as "looking like a very large telephone kiosk". The story was first published in the July 1937 issue of Astounding Stories, and the cover of that magazine depicts an object which looks very much like the later TARDIS.'