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Erkunde Mit Prächtigen, Ist Mit und noch mehr!

GROßER SITZENDER BUDDHA. Thailand. Um 1800. Bronze mit Lack und Vergoldung, Augen mit Perlmutt eingelegt. Das Gewand des in paryankâsana sitzenden Buddhas ist mit prächtigen Mustern …

BUDDHA AUF HOHEM THRON. Thailand, Rattanakosin, spätes 19. Jh. H 51,5 cm Bronze mit Rot-, Schwarz- und Goldlack. Buddha sitzt in Meditationshaltung, die Hände in der Dhyanamudra im Schoss ineinander gelegt. Eine geflammte Ketumala krönt sein Haupt, er trägt ein mit feinen brokatartigen Reliefs geschmücktes Gewand. Der hohe Thron ist trapezförmig und getreppt, ein kostbares Tuch fällt mittig über zwei Stufen. Min. besch.

Enthroned Buddha, late 6th–7th century. Southern Vietnam. Lent by National Museum of Vietnamese History, Ho Chi Minh City (BTMT 186) | This sophisticated rendering of the enthroned Buddha seated in bhadrasana (with pendant legs) is the only known example from the Mekong region of this Buddha type popularized in the Mon territories of seventh- and eighth-century Thailand. #LostKingdoms

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Many Buddhas

Head of Buddha, 7th century. The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York. Gift of Doris Wiener, 2005 (2005.512) | This over-life-size head of the Buddha is a testament to the grandeur of the monumental sculptural tradition in the Zhenla kingdom. The Buddha has a strong, broad face; lightly modeled eyelids and pupils; and full lips that turn up at the corners in a hint of a smile. #LostKingdoms

Votive Plaque: Seated Buddha in a Temple, ca. 9th–10th century

Bodhisattva, probably Maitreya, Seated in Royal Ease, ca. 8th–9th century. Central Myanmar. Lent by Victoria and Albert Museum, London (IM.39-1922) | This bronze ranks foremost in the small corpus of late Pyu metal Buddhist icons. It depicts a bodhisattva, likely the Buddha of the Future, Maitreya, seated in royal ease (rajalilasana). #LostKingdoms

Most significant is the central Buddha touching the earth at the moment of his enlightenment under the Bodhi tree at Bodhgaya, indicated by the branches above his head. Surrounding him are scenes of his life, each one associated with a north Indian pilgrimage center

Enthroned Buddha Vairocana, late 8th–9th century. Southern Thailand. Lent by National Museum, Bangkok, donated by Khun Phoomopayakkhet in 1927 | Lent by National Museum, Bangkok, donated by Khun Phoomopayakkhet in 1927. #LostKingdoms