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Natural gas Fracking creates jobs ..and poisons our water

Here is Hillary Clinton taking a Democrat position on a social issue, no one is offering her $$$ to take an opposing view...every position where Wall St. or Corporations are willing to "donate" she has taken the Republican position...GMO's, fracking, private prisons, Wall St. regulations,etc - she doesn't feel a family has a right to have GMO's labeled so they can decide for themselves ! Vote Bernie Sanders

Clinton coached the audience of biotech devotees to develop “a better vocabulary” to change negative public perception about GMO agriculture. “‘Genetically modified’ sounds Frankensteinish. ‘Drought-resistant’ sounds like something you’d want,” said Clinton. “Be more careful so you don’t raise that red flag immediately.”HealthFreedoms – Hillary Clinton’s Support for GMOs Confirmed by Gates Foundation

The most laughable part is that anyone, based on her platform, that thinks that Hillary Clinton is anything but a Republican on every issue but social ones !

If any Republican or Hillary Clinton gets elected your kids and grandkids will be eating more and more poisonous cancer causing pesticides...only Bernie Sanders seems to be looking out for America's well being and not his own bank account !!!


Lobbyists for Monsanto, ExxonMobil Raise Money for Hillary Clinton

Lobbyists for Monsanto, ExxonMobil Raise Money for Hillary Clinton - Registered lobbyists brought in more than $2 million in fundraising for the Clinton campaign, recent filings show. VOTE 4 BERNIE! THE ONLY CANDIDATE FIGHTING MONSANTO=GMO's!!! & Big Oil Wall St. Fracking Etc Etc Etc... #bernie2016 #women4bernie #FeeltheBERN