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Erkunde 203, Nerd und noch mehr!

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Probably the best part of Iron Man 3

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Tom Hiddleston Page on

Thor3. "‏@Loki_Page: Possible Spoiler. It's sad to read, but it's a possibility: "

Haha combination of BBC Sherlock and the Avengers. AWESOME!

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What Headlines Would Look Like If The Avengers Were Real


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5 Avengers Propaganda Posters That Will Accidentally Recruit You

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Loki of Asgard on

I want to see loki and tom interact so bad...I feel like loki would try to be all cool but tom would be so sweet and understanding that he would confess all of his problems and insecurities and end up breaking down oh my gosh someone take this computer away from me...

I absolutely need this!!..... when I stop being poor..... and actually have an iPhone......