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Erkunde 30 Personen, Menschen Ich Mag und noch mehr!

Are Lukewarm Christians Saved? According to Francis Chan, the short answer, and I'm paraphrasing is NO. Video lasts 2 minutes and 55 seconds. (7/2/2014) (Christian CTS)

BIBLE STUDY: If Jesus were the pastor of your church you probably wouldn't go there - Francis Chan - YouTube

A PROPHET FOR AN UN-DISCERNING CHURCH by Todd Pruitt | The doctrine of direct revelation means that God speaks directly to someone apart from any mediation. We understand that direct revelation was given by God to the prophets and apostles and was ultimately inscripturated as God's written word. His Word is His chosen and sufficient means to speak to his people.

▶ What George Barna Says About House Church - YouTube

Do Not Be Surprised...: Anne Graham Lotz and Her Narcissistic Interpretation of the Transfiguration

Don't Focus on the Family - Francis Chan. LOVE this!!-except the churchy elevator music at the very end, but still listen to him-- a short, simple, and sincere prayer as he finishes speaking :) This is my dilemma. I hate church--yet love this man and what he stands for.

Lisa Bevere with Her Definition of 'Dominion'

Francis Chan article: Finding God in Silicon Valley--