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Francois Boucher - Clio, The Muse of History and Song - art prints and posters

Schöne Frauen,Klassizismus Frankreich,Malerei Rokoko,Gemälde Musik,Rokoko-Kunst,Gemälde Zum Verkauf,Erstaunliche Gemälde,Klassische Kunst,Landschaft

Diana and Endymion by Johann Michael Rottmayr, 1690/95, Chicago Art Institute. This is one of 5 known paintings depicting the gods of Olympus, and also possibly the planets, as each god had a planet name for him/her. "Here Diana, the chaste goddess of the moon, reaches forward to embrace the mortal youth Endymion. Her love is unrequited, however, since Endymion has been cursed with both eternal youth and eternal sleep."

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Honeymoon II. Oil on paper by suzi holland

Lot's daughters Midrash and Aggadah. They got their father drunk and committed incest with him. Not the best family dynamic...They definitely fall in the biblical bad girl category.

Amnon and Tamar - Unknown Amnon, one King David’s sons, desired Tamar, his half-sister and also the sister of Absalom. Amnon drew Tamar to his chamber by pretending to be ill, and when she brought him special foods he raped her. Immediately afterward, his violent love turned to intense hatred and he sent her away in disgrace. The agitated draperies and strained postures of the figures suggest both the physical violence and the emotional turmoil of the scene.