4.18.16+2:40pm // 40/100 days of productivity // decided to make another…

hollandstudy: trying out some fonts using the gold mildliner(some turned out better than others haha) Mehr

studypetals: 4.5.16+6:08pm // 29/100 days of productivity // getting through my paper! took a break to make a reference page for header banners. i like to put these across the top of my pages to make certain ones stand out or just to make them cooler. you can also put them under titles and stuff!

Lorelei Lee's plan bar: Free Icon Planner Stickers

studypetals: 4.6.16+11:45am // 30/100 days of productivity // made a reference page for frames (with a different color scheme!) to use while taking notes! i switched to the purple pilot g-2 because my navy one is almost out ): zoom in for better quality! song of the day: “smiling” by harry gregson-williams

bullet journal - monthly cover page. Architecture student. Organization freak and obsessed...

adorable date dividers

Bullet Journal Header Inspiration and Tutorials | www.hannahemilyla...

studypetals: 3.10.16+3:00pm // 13/100 days of productivity // made a doodling reference page for those who want to add some depth to their journals/notes! some of these are wacky but i hope you enjoy!

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