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Erkunde Das Iii, Mein Kampf und noch mehr!

HMS Royal Oak, sunk at her moorings in the Scapa Flow by a german uboat..800 of her crew still remain inside ..

Hitler visiting the Canadian War Memorial, at Vimy Ridge, France. 1940. Hitler so respected revered the Canadian soldier after fighting them in WWl that he gave orders not to bomb the Canadian Memorial. Canadians were given a name by the Germans in WWI, Canadians were called Storm Troopers. German soldiers feared the Canadians, gave them a scary name. Hitler reused that name for his own troops in WWll because it put fear into people.

German soldier with mp 40

Norwegian SS ski troops. WWII (Volunteers who fought for Hitler).

WWII German battleship "Bismarck" in her final resting place.

German SS soldiers