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The patterns to follow are for a leg armour of the early fourteenth century, but they are also ideal for hidden armour, that is, armour designed to be worn under fabric. Hidden leg armour is useful for making combat-safe armours for those periods when leg armour was not worn, for instance a viking or late period landskeneckt.

16th century stockings made on a knitting frame

Antique Metal Helmet From the Churburg Castle, circa 1385

Typical fastening for leggings (long stockings) - belt attached to breeches (underpants), 12th century.

Women with a long tunic, belted, miniatures from the Stuttgart Psalter, to 900, from The Alemanni, exhibition catalog - not precisely Anglo-Saxon, but similar.

Pellote of Fernando de la Cerda (1252-1275) from gold brocade, decorated by generic coat of arm, Convent Las Huelgas near Burgos

Silk stocking from the estate of the Elector August of Saxony (1526-1586) Second half of the 16th Century

Pellote of Fernando, son of Alfonso X. (2nd half of 13th century). Some information about pattern.

Rudolf / Jansen Enikel, Jans: Weltchronik in Versen - Mischhandschrift aus Christ-herre-Chronik um 1370 Cgm 5 Folio 148r