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Erkunde Deutsch Soldaten, Deutsch Armee und noch mehr!

German soldiers standing at attention somewhere in China during the Boxer Rebellion, c. 1901. By Benjamin West Kilburn.

China, Qingdao (Tsingtao), German colonial period 1897–1914. Rickshaw drivers with a German soldier. Photo, c. 1900.

The next morning, the German envoy, Klemens Freiherr von Ketteler, was killed on the streets of Beijing by a Manchu captain.The other diplomats feared they also would be murdered if they left the legation quarter and they defied the Chinese order to depart Beijing. The legations were hurriedly fortified. Isolated legations, such as the Spanish and Belgian, and foreign businesses were abandoned

Boxer Rebellion German and Indian troops, 1900.

Gebrüder Underwood: Bengalische Lanzenreiter eskortieren Alfred von Waldersee

Boxer Rebellion, heads of beheaded criminals tied by queues to stakes on street near West Gate, Tientsin, China, August 21, 1901.