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Erkunde Reinste Liebe, Erbauungsbuch und noch mehr!

Gott ist die reinste Liebe ein Gebet und Erbauungsbuch. F: v: Ekhartshausen. [In binding with mounted, 18th century embroidered silk/metallic ...: Ekhartshausen, F. (von).

17th century painted and embroidered book cover

16th century embroidered velvet book with scroll and floral pattern.

Antiphonary Date: 15th–16th century Culture: Spanish Medium: Tempera, ink and gold on parchment; leather binding

17th century embroidered velvet book cover.

17th century embroidered satin book cover. Embroidered satin book cover. The Booke of Psalmes (London, 1637) Collection: The British Library

17th century embroidered Canvas book, pictorial angel and floral motif with two red ribbons. The Booke of Common Prayer (London, 1611) Collection: The British Library