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Erkunde Umschrieben, Wohl Heute und noch mehr!

"Social Entrepreneur in Indien": So würde die amerikanische Missionsärztin Ida Scudder wohl heute umschrieben.

Infografia acerca de los recursos FSC! FSC® Market Information #FSC #Ethical #Infographic #wood #forestry

This production of a University really gives us a huge picture of worldwide global problems. It addresses sustainability, business ethics, and corporate social responsibility. It takes a good look at how sustainable we are currently and how we can improve that. It addresses a scenario where we see someone get duped in the corporate world and how that affects us all as a whole. (8441)

Augmented Reality Is Finally Getting Real

Augmented Reality - Once a novel invention, useful augmented reality apps are now being developed. For example, cellphones can overlay identifying tags over the view from a cellphone camera. Imagine being hungry and pointing your phone down an unknown and seemingly food bereft street. Your phone then perhaps identifies a below street level eatery. We were in downtown Chicago for several days before we discovered the underground tunnels with food courts beneath our feet.

Just because you can't see it, doesn't mean it isn't there #stoppollution

Online giving is on the rise. Therefore, optimizing your website's donation landing page is fundamental in increasing your nonprofit's donors.

Geschäftsmodell Innovation by St.Gallen University

Was ist eigentlich Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)? Prof. Thomas Beschorner von der Uni St. Gallen hat einen anschaulich-unterhaltsamen Weg der Erklärung gefunden:

Deutschlandkarte: Krankheitstage pro Stadt. Mindestens 14.6 Krankeitstage pro Jahr! Je nördlicher, je mehr Krankheitstage.

Mary Slessor's House in Calabar Nigeria....this was built circa 1880. A great Aberdonian (Scottish) missionary she was