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Maybe How To Train Your Dragon... But fits this very well, too :) Ashic by Socij on DeviantArt

Let be honest here ladies, all us fan girls are pretending that it's us instead of her. -> I just about died when this happened. He kissed her first!

I was just thinking, and what if Hiccup already proposed, and that's not just Stoik being overly confident about them being so in love. If I'm correct, there was nothing in the second movie that denies this. It might also explain the way they had an awkward pause when they were talking about Hiccup becoming chief. Maybe since Dragon Masters is supposed to have a lot of Hiccstrid moments he'll propose in the finale.

I honestly think this is the most visually striking scene in the whole movie, except maybe for when Hiccup first meets the Bewilderbeast

LOOK! LOOK! IT'S ERET SON OF ERET! Maybe Eret is one of those characters who are bad at first but turn good at the end. Bet Ruffnut will love that.///maybe.

Dragons -- They are kind, AMAZING creatures that bring people together | Hiccup Confronts Drago

*sigh* That's just sad. But then again, wasn't Astrid like this with Hiccup???? Maybe he's pretending!!??!?!???!!!!