Erkunde Hefe Weizen, Hoppy Biere und noch mehr!

Riwaka hopped Hefe Weizen.

Lagunitas’ Bavarian-Style Doppel Weizen - This is a really great example of the elements of a Weizenbock that I really enjoy. There is plenty of yeast character that really comes thorough strong here, with lots of banana and clove. However, the body and the alcohol level keep up and create a nicely balanced beer.

You guys. YOU GUYS. I am SO excited to share this with you today! This is THE awesomest food creation ever in existence. Totally not overreacting here, btw. I have to say, since I changed my diet and lost 35 lbs., soda has been a BIG NO NO. Soda & I parted ways …

Our limited edition Makani Wheat Ale pays tribute to the tradewinds that give life to our islands. We’ve added a kiss of koa blossom honey from Big Island bee hives, giving this light-bodied, golden ale a touch of sweetness. The hazy look of the beer comes from an indigenous yeast discovered blowing in the breeze around Kilauea’s crater. This brew is a taste of fresh air, perfect for keeping your chill.


Jamil's Flanders Red - Beer Recipe - American Homebrewers Association

Hops via Dribble.

Wholemeal Irish Soda Bread

Paulaner Hefe Weissbier Alcoholfrei (500 ml)The non-alcoholic is gently relieved of its alcohol content, after completion of the brewing process. What the process keeps in the beer are many important flavour components, precious trace elements, minerals and vitamins. The Paulaner aroma-preserving process ensures full-bodied aromatic Weissbier taste.

Dogfish Head / Victory / Stone Saison du BUFF Homebrew Recipe

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