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Erkunde Afrikanische, Afrikanisches Land und noch mehr!

Afrikanische Riesenschnecke (Giant African Land Snail, Achatina immaculata)

Rosy wolfsnail or canniibal snail: Euglandina rosea, Family: Spiraxidae, Class: Gastropoda, Phylum: Mollusca; medium-sized to large predatory air-breathing land snail, carnivorous terrestrial pulmonate gastropod mollusc; native to tropical North America, has become an invasive species in many places, including Hawaii

Lettuce sea slug (Elysia crispata)

Giant African snails can reach up to 8 inches in length and nearly 5 inches in diameter—about the size of an average adult fist—and can live up to nine years. In a typical year, mated adults lay about 1,200 eggs.


Miami Invaded By Giant, House-Eating Snails

A worker displays two giant African land snails. For the third time since 1966, the snails are invading the US.

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