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Erkunde Freitag 14, Anwesenheit und noch mehr!

DANIEL THURAU FRESH FRUITS 14.2.-28.2.2014 Eröffnung in Anwesenheit des Künstlers am Freitag, 14.2.2014, 18-20 Uhr Pop-Up Exhibition Space Fresh Fruits | Galerie Kai Hilgemann Urbanstrasse 29a 10961 Berlin

LAYERED LANDSCAPES Group Exhibition Participating artists: Mark Dorf (US)…

von BOX Freiraum

Perspectives on Curating and Writing: Jurriaan Benschop - Huffington Post

Jurriaan Benschop. Courtesy Van Oorschot Publishers, Amsterdam.


At Yale, Abstraction United by East and West

Abstraction United by East and West: Rebecca Salter's works reveal the influence of “shibui” (“subtle,” “subdued” or “understated”) and “ma,” a notion of time and space that emphasizes the pause, or the concept of an interval. Evidence of this is both in her muted palette and compositions (more like anti-compositions), which favor extreme subtlety over any overt showiness. “Untitled K20” resembles a slab of lightly veined marble, and “Untitled K78” with muted variations.

Malerstar Daniel Richter über die Krise: Der Affe als sich suchender Mensch -

Wartime Garden, 2013, watercolour, ink, pencil on paper, 14.8 x 21 cm

Kunstmuseum Basel-Daniel Richter | Art Perfect

Claudio Bravo (Chilean, b. 1936) White, Blue and Yellow Papers, Oil on canvas, 57 ½ x 45 in, Painted in 2004.