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Clean Water for Health: Filtration & Herbs

The Complete Guide to Water Storage: How to Use Gray Water and Rainwater Systems, Rain Barrels, Tanks, and Other Water Storage Techniques for Household and Emergency Use (Back to Basics Conserving)

Facts on saving water

Here's some eco-friendly tips on saving water! the idea of catching rain water to water gardens...

Dr. Sara Gottfried's glorious rainwater hogs. Rainwater HOG modular tanks catch and store your rainwater for reuse on your garden. Great way to save precious water! : )

Rainwater HOG is a multi-award-winning water storage tank that works like a water-filled building block. HOGs can connect together and store water.

The hydraulic genius of Shari’ah law Almost 1,000 acequias in New Mexico and Colorado still operate under the communal principles first codified under the Islamic Law of Thirst, a doctrine transferred and subsumed into Christian Spanish law. Under the Law of Thirst, water management must prioritize dividing and distributing water for all living things that thirst—in other words, people, plants, and animals.

Rainwater and Solar Power Harvesting System<br /><br /> Submitted by: Jorge Arias, Architect<br /><br /> Description: a water-centric house that collects rainwater and displays it as an entertainment / decorative element inside the home; the roof does d