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Das wäre ja mal ne nette Idee: Jedes Kind / Familienmitglied hat sein eigenes Kissen, das ihm "ähnlich" sieht

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Rivers and Tides von Andy Goldsworthy


realized this promo-poster for the prologue of my Loki fanfic didn't have my logo on it. =) #LokiFanfic

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This is a great picture of my saviour. The one person that that was there for me when you werent the one person that kept me happy..

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Common Word and Phrase Translations: British to American

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I don't understand how he NATURALLY does this. Like, what is this dark magic you use?

We all have routines, things we think and do everyday. Some of our routines serve us well, and some don’t. Something that’s become a big part of my daily routine – one of the...