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Klimawandel : Australien lässt Klimaschäden aus UN-Report streichen Aus Sorge um den Tourismus will Australien lieber nicht in einem Unesco-Bericht zum Klimawandel auftauchen. Denn dieser hatte den Zustand des Great Barrier Reefs beklagt.

Check out top 100 Corporate-Air Polluters. Shameful.

Sacramento – Senator Loni Hancock (D-Berkeley) announced today that she has introduced a bill to create a recovery and recycling program for used and unwanted mattresses. In the ten largest cities in the state, about 470,000 mattresses are illegally disposed of annually at a cost of $20 million to local governments. Currently, less than 8% of the existing 2.5 million used mattresses in California are recycled

"TIL Monsanto Managers discovered that fish submerged in a creek near one of their chemical facilities in Anniston, Alabama turned belly-up within 10 seconds, spurting blood and shedding skin as if dunked into boiling water. They told no one. They hid the pollution caused by PCBs for decades."

Square Feet: Reviving Downtown White Plains With New Places to Live and Linger

New Rise Above Plastics Print PSA’s from Pollinate

Starke Idee für ein großes Problem:

Dead forest standing-- Greenwashing a tar sands sacrifice zone | Oil Sands Truth: Shut down the Tar Sands

New World Order Underwater - The Nae-Nee Inventors Strike...

VW To Pay Over $200 Million For Cheating 3.0-Liter Diesels #Audi #Diesel

VW To Pay Over $200 Million For Cheating 3.0-Liter Diesels