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Erkunde Zum Google, Vorstellung Auf und noch mehr!

Android TV: Vorstellung auf der Google I/O #androidtv

After the Internet giant failed miserably with Google TV trying to make Android popular for the living room, Google will attack in the next year after the Chromecast again with the Nexus TV.

AICS: Top 10 der KW 41/2015 #android

The CyanogenMod is probably the best known and also the most popular Custom ROM are available for Android smartphones. Long did it take to appear after the release of Android 4.0 the first CyanogenMod versions, the conversion of Android 2.3 on Android 4.0 was a difficult step for the programmer.

Get the new Android 5.0 its own cross-messenger system, which makes other Android Apps such as WhatsApp or ChatOn superfluous?

Is there hope for an Android 4.1 Update for the Samsung GALAXY Ace 2? Samsung Bulgaria responded to a request from a user, whether for the Samsung GALAXY Ace 2 is the Android 4.0 update will come even said, that Android 4.0 is omitted on the phone and it should receive equal the Android 4.1 Update. But this statement is first seen as a mere rumor.

The new Android 4.1 Jelly Bean attracts the curiosity of all users are already up. Next week, the Galaxy Nexus will officially run with Android 4.1 and resold in Google Play Store. And as a custom ROM are already the first Android 4.1 ported to different models in circulation.

At Motorola also the Android 4.1 update schedule for its Android smartphone models is ready. Because last night published by the American smartphone manufacturer the Android 4.1 Update List for the American smartphone models. And the end of October there will also be a list for the European smartphone models from Motorola.

Ahead of the release of the Google phone Nexus 4 again there were rumors that it may have a Nexus device from Sony can give. That certainly would have been the dream for many Android users absolutely. However, the british Sony Office denied these rumors pretty quickly. But now a new Sony Android Smartphone has emerged.