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Idée diy/déco: le baton magique - par Demoizelle Vivi

Painted sticks! My dad used to take us to the beach with paints in hand and we would spend our whole afternoon painting the driftwood. We were some very lucky little girls :-) blog is hilarious

Create a Bingo card with pictures for younger kids or words for older ones. The card should include signs of spring like growing grass or flowers as well as Easter icons like eggs, rabbits, or baskets. Give each child a marker and a Bunny Bingo page for a car trip or during a pause in other activities. The first child to get all of the items wins a prize.


Sprinkle Bakes

Pastel Layer Cake- Sprinkle Bakes


DIY Ampersand

Ampersand's have become so popular lately. I truly love to decorate with them. I was able to make this DIY Ampersand for very cheap, it even looks like metal. You WONT believe what it's made out of!

This dish was all the rage in my challenge groups this fall. I scoured recipes online and created a paleo version, which I must say, was damn good. I aim for portion control, but this one got the better of me. I always make extra and it made the perfect lunch for the next day. Bonus: my kids loved it! Even my picky, carb-obsessed daughter ate it. Hope you like it!

The Car Lover's Engine Repair Set - Hammacher Schlemmer --$120 toy that teaches actual repairs under the hood!

Has old menu plans with many recipe links. SOme good ideas for inspiration-less evenings.