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Erkunde Therme Erding, Weiche Haut und noch mehr!

The salt scrub is an application which provides a gentle and beautiful skin. The salt is applied to the whole body. It rids the skin from rough and dry particles. The gentle peeling stimulates the blood circulation and leaves a soft skin.

Several times a day we offer you some care specials for free. A salt scrub with circulation-promoting effect, a moisture mask, a cleansing mask with peloids and a clarifying mask with healing chalk. The selected mask should be remain for 10 minutes on your skin, before it is rinsed with clean warm water. You get an optimal result when the mask is applied after a visit in the steam room.

Since antiquity huge qualities are ascribed to salt: protection, cleaning, maintenance and healing. Solid stone walls, dipped in warm light, set up a relaxing atmosphere. As a contrast the old blackthorn is arranged in the middle of the room and will receive a beautiful salt crust within the next couple of years. The 55° hot nebulized air has a healthy effect on the respiratory tract and the mineral salt peelings clean, perfuse and foster your skin.

A daily beauty special in the Spa areas & Saunas: Take a honey face mask before the infusion starts and spoil your skin with moisture and nourishing minerals. Subsequently a rosy complexion and a wonderful smooth skin reminds on the sweet application.

Hard-bitten sauna visitors get a chance to climb a real throne in our 80°C hot Keltenthron Sauna. The sauna infusion with a big flag instead of a towel is unique in there because of its 6m high ceiling.

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reichhaltige Gesichtsmaske gegen Falten und trockene Haut mit Banane

Every Couple needs some time to relax with each other. There is no better place for it than in the Sauna Paradise, which is part of our versatile THERMENWELT.

Garden of the spa paradise THERME ERDING

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