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Erkunde Günther Dusseldorf, Gerd Günther und noch mehr!

Dr. Gerd Günther Dusseldorf, NRW, Germany Specimen: Volvox Aureus with Daughter Colonies

The Cell: An Image Library - Image CIL:40972

Water Flea with eggs - Daphnia pulex - This most common species of water flea belongs to the family Daphiniidae. It has a cosmopolitan distribution in a wide range of aquatic habitats, although it is most closely associated with small, shaded pools and lakes of an oligotrophic nature. (Their range extends across most of the world - Americas, Europe & Australia - in appropriate habitats, most of which offer little by way of nutrients)

Foto Libreria: polline al microscopio - n ° 2.

A Drosophila melanogaster embryo using in situ hybridization to visualize mRNA expression of the gap gene giant (red) and the pair-rule gene even-skipped (blue), with Sytox Green (Invitrogen) used to localize nuclei. Specimen preparation and imaging by Cecelia Miles, Dr. Martin Kreitman's lab; projection and cover design by Dr. Vytas Bindokas; University of Chicago, USA.

Arachnoidiscus spec. mit ihrer geometrischen Porenstruktur.

Volvox are green algae that form hollow, spherical colonies of thousands of cells. In some species, individual algae are connected by strands of cytoplasm, and there is division of labor between different groups of cells. Volvox and its relatives have therefore been used as model systems to study the evolution of multicellularity and cellular differentiation. More about these algae: Image by Wolfgang Bettighofer via micro*scope (cc-by-nc)

Cyanobacteria o algas azules #algae

Plant / 2014 // HM // Dr. Helle Juel Martens // Department of Plant and Environmental Sciences, Center for Advanced Bioimaging // Copenhagen, Denmark