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Erkunde Kaffee Cafe, Drumherum und noch mehr!


Vintage Lidded Tin Canister from Blisful

Vintage Sandersons English Breakfast Tea Tin - 1/4lb from Blisful f


Retro Coffee Metal Sign Metal Sign 24 x 16 Inches

Retro Coffee Tin Sign

In 1900 Hills Bros. (1878) Coffee first used vacuum packing for its ground coffee. Removing the air from the can reportedly reduced oxidation and kept the coffee fresher. Most other coffee companies adopted the process. Both Hills Bros. and Chase & Sanborn Coffee (1862) endure as brands of Italian company Massimo Zanetti Beverage Group. In the late Victorian age, the canned coffee business was extremely competitive, and most brands extended their blends with additives to make them less…

Kaffee und eine Zeitung, Schuhe, Zahnpasta, Putzmittel: Zu Beginn des Jahrhunderts wurden Gegenstände auf Plakaten wunderbar in Szene gesetzt.

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