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Clever Bed Designs With Integrated Storage For Max Efficiency

Posterinspired in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Xplore iX125 R1 Tablets are quietly proving to be a decent alternative to laptops especially in the enterprise world and for niche sectors that require something solid powerful and mobile. Oh and forget about consumer tablets or those that come with rugged or hardened cases as they havent been designed from the ground up to survive the sort of battering that some of these devices undergo. The Xplore iX125 R1 (sold in other markets as the XSlate R12) is an example of how far mobile…

"Ten's character development in one gif < It is on some level the most depressing character formation of the Doctor I have seen so far. If you were to look at David's first episode, and compared it to his very last, you would think "what the hell happened to him" :/

texture Beautiful chair. <3 - Oh, I love cut velvet! I have a turquoise and taupe bamboo chair and I fell in love with some gorgeous cut velvet chairs at the Rembrandt Hotel in London.

This cool piece measures 18" across the width and height. Aside from the mixture of textured clear pieces, it also has some well-placed blue cuts of glass throughout. Two small hooks on the corners of the horizontal zinc border are soldered in place - making it easy to hang in your favorite window.

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