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Erkunde Gemälde Von, Pichard und noch mehr!

Love the way it looks like she's becoming a tree.

killerbeesting: “ John Cimon Warburg - The Dryad, taken around 1910. (A Dryad was a tree-dwelling nymph in Greek mythology) ”

So wünsch ich mir mein Leben nach dem Leben. Quelle:

A train nowhere drives it after. Collage 2013 Waldemar Strempler

Lila und schwarzer Yin Yang Baum Rundes Keramik Ornament

Tree yin yang...what I like about this design is how the two sides of the Taijitu blend into one another, suggesting fluidity and totality. The divisions are less apparent and the similarities are what matters. I prefer warm colours as opposed to cold....

Final assignment for CGMA class ‘Color and Light’ :> I posted quite some wips on twitter where you can see that my final illustration differs a lot from my original sketch....