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Baby dinosaur found near Regensburg 135 Million Years old. Europe's best preserved dinosaur fossil was discovered in Bavaria. The still unnamed predator dinosaur is 98 percent complete, and thus one of the world's best preserved finds. The young animal, 72 centimeters tall, was found near Kelheim. A newly hatched Tyrannosaurus would have been about this size.

Chasmosaurs - Vintage art

Fossil of a Tapir from Messel in Germany Rain forest in Europe? 47 million years ago there was this tropical climate. An insight into this lost world type fossils from Messel

Insects and other fauna of the Cretaceous, one of the brilliant illustrations by Richard Bizley.

Large eyes, short legs, crooked fingers He had large eyes, short hind and was only 14 inches long: the smallest ever found in Europe, long-tailed pterosaurs comes from near Regensburg (Germany). In Solnhofen you can visit him.

PSITTACOSAURUS | Re: who are your favorite modern book paleo artists?

Tenontosaurus - Dinosaurier Bilder

The 10 Basic Facts Everyone Should Know About Dinosaurs

10 Basic Facts Everyone Should Know About Dinosaurs: How Much Do You Really Know About Dinosaurs?