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Tafel LII. India Plate (1 of 9). Owen Jones, The Grammar of Ornament. Thanks to the University of Heidelberg digital library.

Greek No. 3 from Owen Jones: The Grammar of Ornament. Owen Jones (1809-1874) was an English born Welsh architect and designer. Jones created a comprehensive global design reference book, The Grammar of Ornament published in 1856

Example of Moorish design, from The Grammar of Ornament by Owen Jones, 1865.

One of the most influential 19th century books on architectural patterns is The Grammar of Ornament, by Owen Jones, published in England in 1853. It fanned interest in decorative schemes for molding, tile, and wallpaper from a wide variety of sources. The page above describes Greek motives from friezes and pottery.

JONES, Owen (1809-1874). <I>The Grammar of Ornament</I>. London: Day and Son, Lithographers to the Queen, 1856.

The grammar of ornament : Jones, Owen, 1809-1874 : Free Download & Streaming : Internet Archive

Book Club | The Grammar of Ornament by Owen Jones

Elizabethan ornaments, from The grammar of Ornament, by Owen Jones. London, 1868. Via

Leaves And Flowers From Nature No 6 Plate Xcvi From The Grammar Of Ornament By Owen Jones Published By Day & Son London 1865 Canvas Art - Ken Welsh Design Pics (22 x 36)

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