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Shannon Clan Coat of Arms-Shannon Name Meaning reduced form of Shanahan.reduced Anglicized form of Gaelic Ó Seanáin ‘descendant of Seanán’, a personal name based on a pet form of seán ‘old’.in County Clare, a reduced Anglicized form of Mac Giolla tSeanáin ‘son of the servant of St. Seanán’. In the Irish midlands Leonard and Nugent have been adopted as equivalents of this name.

Mcbride Coat of Arms / Mcbride Family Crest The surname of McBRIDE was derived from the Gaelic McBryde - a name meaning 'the son of the servant of St. BRIGIT'. The name BRIGIT is of uncertain origin, but may mean 'Exhalted'; it probably originally denoted a pagan fire-goddess, many of whose attributes have became attached to the historical figure of St. BRIGIT of Kildare (453-523) founder of the first Irish convent. The families

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