Faux piercings. This is awesome for my sensitive skin that rejects even ear piercings.

Mixed Lobe & Upper Ear Piercings with black & Steel body jewellery. With Tragus Piercing and Stretching Spiral. Buy yours at www.karmase7en.com

snakebite lip piercing

Medusa Piercing for Women on Lips Readmore http://tattoosclick.com/unique-medusa-piercing-for-women

like the hair, and some of the peircings

Snake Bite Piercing I want this one soo bad!

Faux lip ring Double Lip Ring Fake Lip Cuff Fake by JewelsByMoonli

Liking the idea of a vert labret.. always loved snake bites... one... or the other.... or .. all 3..... :D

Feder Knorpel Hoop Ohrringe Intimschmuck von sofisjewelryshop

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