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Erkunde 10 Frau, Keuschheit und noch mehr!

#Keuschheit wird beliebter: Jede 10. Frau will keinen Sex vor der #Hochzeit.

So your boyfriend fits right into your relationship checklist, and now you want to take things forward and move in together? Blissful as it might sound - Sunday morning breakfast in bed and of course the endless sex - moving in together is not as good an idea as it seems now. Here are 15 things that you may want to consider before you take the next big step. Don't Miss! 10 Things Couples in Happy Relationships are Comfortable Talking About

‘I have a headache’ or ‘I have to wake up early tomorrow’ are excuses your man has listened to for a while. But if he's starting to notice the lack of sexual chemistry between the two of you, it's time to do something and quick! Do you want to sex life to die a slow death or do you want to revive your sex drive and bring back the romance in your relationship? Here are some tips to revive your sex life.Don't Miss: Top 10 Kinkiest Sex ChallengesImages courtesy: © ...

This moment... the taste of you on my lips.. all I long for now is you... xo

Etsy seller FoxtailBoutique does magical things with basic geometric shapes (we especially like the pieces with spinning parts). #etsyjewelry

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Ever woman is perfect; just know that. Be it in bed or out of it, you are the epitome of perfection. But even gods make mistakes and unfortunately, we do too. So giving the out-of-bed mistakes a miss, we are pointing the sex mistakes that women make in the sack. Just stop doing them and you will the best sex goddess there ever was.Don't Miss: 10 Pre-Sex Moves for a Wild NightImage courtesy: © Thinkstockphotos/ Getty Images

I was just tryin to be nice an let u have some time with ur sister but whatever I love u gn