Erkunde Wedding Kommt, Warten Fotografie und noch mehr!

empty hands & heavy hearts

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Beautiful lights

Look at all those prayer flags! I have to make it back to the Himalayas some day

i'm a little bit lost without you

As the train zipped past her, growing in speed, she knew she had made a terrible mistake. "I should've gotten on," she murmured to herself. "I should've listened to him." Her head whipped around, and her hair spun with it. The end of the train was approaching. "Now or Never," she remembered. The image of his smiling face displayed itself in her head as she made her decision. Running alongside the train, she waited for the end and jumped. She smiled to herself once on. He'd be proud of her…


1981 - NYC subway car w/some guy writing graffitti (like we really need it!)

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