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Handstamped Coffee Spoon, diet spoon, Gift Under 20, Personalized Gift, eat local, funny spoon

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HEART Original Illustration on Wood Panel 5x7

Rocking the Boat - build you own boat knowledge and youth programs . .

A Full Kitchen in a Box


Water Bottle Fontus make water from air

Solar Powered Beach Umbrella

Wrist-Worn Sonar Escorts : minhye kim supersonic stick

The Minhye Kim 'Supersonic Stick' Guides the Blind With Sound "The insurgence of handy inventions that have come hand in hand with technological breakthroughs ushers in the Minhye Kim ‘Supersonic Stick,’ a wrist-worn accessory that can escort the blind. With cutting-edge sonar technology, the Minhye Kim ‘Supersonic Stick’ sends out sound signals, and with the spatial information it receives in return, it communicates oncoming obstacles to the wearer in the form of ...

Lapis Lazuli Pyramid Ring Statement Ring Cocktail by AtelierYumi