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The Didone Fat Face Zorro by Kai Merker, student and type enthusiast from Trier, was created during a 26+ type workshop at the FH Düsseldorf 1.5 years ago.

The Q-Ball by Raffaele Tessore is based on a strict grid, with arcs allowing dynamic curves. Even the spacing and kernig of the font remain its units faithfully. The typeface was created in 26+ workshop / lecture in summer 2012 at the FH Münster.

Uppercase stencil R of the corporate design of La Biennale di Venezia - Entry page per l'architettura

a fat and kalligraphic lowercase k of a font by gunnar link, not yet published.

I drew inspiration for this letter from a photo I took in October on my type-safari in Würzburg. Due to the hipsters, the mere form isn’t exceptional any more. What’s exceptional in this case is the dating and place, where it can be found: An oriel tower of the Röntgen Gymnasium at Sanderring, a transport nodal point in Würzburg. “The hipster-R already existed in Art Nouveau!” tweeted Christoph Köberlin .

The AdventsZeichen is taken from “Falun”, a transitional antiqua I have been working on since last semester. I think the connection of the two letters makes a beautiful glyph combination. I wanted to create a contrast between the inner form, where the arc of the ſ floats into the bar of the t and the outer form, with the corner at the end of the arc to the vertical stroke of the t.