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The Didone Fat Face Zorro by Kai Merker, student and type enthusiast from Trier, was created during a 26+ type workshop at the FH Düsseldorf 1.5 years ago.

I drew inspiration for this letter from a photo I took in October on my type-safari in Würzburg. Due to the hipsters, the mere form isn’t exceptional any more. What’s exceptional in this case is the dating and place, where it can be found: An oriel tower of the Röntgen Gymnasium at Sanderring, a transport nodal point in Würzburg. “The hipster-R already existed in Art Nouveau!” tweeted Christoph Köberlin .

a fat and kalligraphic lowercase k of a font by gunnar link, not yet published.

The Q-Ball by Raffaele Tessore is based on a strict grid, with arcs allowing dynamic curves. Even the spacing and kernig of the font remain its units faithfully. The typeface was created in 26+ workshop / lecture in summer 2012 at the FH Münster.

Italy. Spoleto in the summer. Different houses widths and characteristics of the city, inspired us to our font Tenura with multiply widths.

After a total of 306 steps up St. Peter, you can have a great lock above Munich, but the really exciting thing is at the base of the tower. There are several old stone tablets with finely engraved type. So today the 2 from a pending TypSafari is in focus – even though the date is the 5th: The swashy horizontal and the almost walbaum-style tension of the strong curved top reveals a contrast to the otherwise set in blackletter tablet

Today, no letter is the glyph of the day, but a dingbat: The index, also manicule (Latin: manus = hand) or or printer’s fist has hardly use in todays book design. Anyway, its unicode (uni261E) offers a usage! In my new font Franziska there will definitely be an interpretation of this character.