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Erkunde Bildhauersymposium, Int und noch mehr!

Int. Bildhauersymposium Bad Salzhausen: Work in Progress

mentaltimetraveller: Trisha Donnelly, untitled, 2010.

Roberto Chichorro - 1216 x 1600 -

vjeranski: “ Felt Sculptures, 1964 Joseph Beuys ”

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Werner Knaupp - Eisenplastiken

Hamada vs Hamada: An Interview with artist Hiroyuki Hamada by Jeff Hamada

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Amazing Rock Sculptures Perform Impossible Balancing Acts

^The art of sculptor Woods Davy is both inspired by nature and composed of natural elements. The artist, who lives and works in Venice, California, creates what he calls a sense of "Western Zen" with his gravity-defying rock sculptures. His Cantamar and Granite series feature a number of collected stones arranged in an impossible balancing act, leaving one to reflect on its unnatural configuration and one's own spirituality.