Erkunde Herero Himba, Stamm Herero und noch mehr!

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Meeting the Himba, San (Bushmen), Damara, and Herero tribes in Namibia

Candid street shot of Herero tribe girl in specific for that tribe Victorian dress and hat (which is strong contrast to coexisting Himba women who are naked and smeared with ochra&butter). I was spellbound by neatly matching colors, style and beauty of girl, as well as the combination of old and new times. Northern Namibia.

The language is closely related to that of the Hereros and Himba, Otjiherero. An obvious sign of proximity is the prefix used for language and dialect names, Proto-Bantu

Namibia is a country in the southern portion of the African continent and borders the Atlantic ocean. A country that most people have never even heard of, has always fascinated me.

Herero women, Kaokoland, Namibia, Africa Getting excited. Also I want to see my friend. Meow.

Her beauty is bursting through this photo. I love everything going on here.

The Beauty of Himba Tribe Woman is virtuous, sensuous and seductive. Let us find out more about them.

Young Himba Girl With Ethnic Hairstyle, Epupa, Namibia | Flickr

Africa | Himba teenage girl. Namibia | ©Anne Berger

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