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Erkunde Britisch, Eic und noch mehr!

INDIEN-BRITISCH - EAST INDIA COMPANY, 1 Mohur Victoria, "Divided Legend" rs. Löwe v. Palme, 1841 Kalkutta

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East India Company store in London

Half anna coin minted by the East India Company

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How did the East India Company change the world?

The East India Company: Although it took several decades for the East India Company to become truly profitable, once it did, the company rose to global domination - both in business and in government. In a symbiotic way, as the company grew in power, so, too, did England. The EIC literally changed the course of history. Two nations, India and the United States, revolted against East India Company rule, which led to the establishment of their current political structures.

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Smoking a Hookah

English employee of East India Company smoking a hookah