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Vielen Dank, dass Sie die Petition 'Hamburg hat Platz!' unterstützt haben. Nicht nur Sie sondern mit Ihnen etwa 2850 HamburgerInnen haben unterschrieben, entweder online oder auf Papierlisten. Ganz wichtig ist auch, dass inzwischen 30 Organisationen, Gruppen, Initiativen und Vereine ihre Unterstützung erklärt haben, darunter das Bündnis Hamburger Flüchtlingsinitiativen BHFI, das allein etwa 100 Gruppen vertritt. Es ist wunderbar, dass trotz heftigem Gegenwind sich so viele Menschen in…

urge the IRS to clarify its political activity rules and not let Karl Rove hide his political operations behind the tax code. Learn about how mountaintop removal mining is dismantling the Appalachian mountains and the health of all the communities there. A truly inspiring group of people, fighting for basic human rights.

Reform the Filibuster! To the U.S. Senate: " It is time, at long last, to fix the filibuster. If Senators want to block a bill with endless “debate,” they should be required to stand on the floor and make their case to the American people with a real, talking filibuster! I strongly urge the Senate to pass meaningful filibuster reform as its first order of business when the new Congress begins." Sign the petition at

A Generation in Jeopardy: How pesticides are undermining our children’s health & intelligence | Pesticide Action Network

Moms Clean Air Force is an initiative to control mercury and other harmful toxins that are polluted into the air by large production and power plants. Obama has shown support for the Mercury and Air Toxics Standards, but for whatever reason lobbyists and their Congressional allies are battling the protections. Make your voice heard by filling out a simple form that they will send to your representatives on your behalf. You don't have to be a mom to want clean air.

Costa Rica recently joined 43 other nations in backing a Universal Declaration on Animal Welfare (UDAW), which acknowledges that non-human animals are sentient beings who can think, suffer, and should be protected under the law from cruelty and mistreatment. President Oscar Arias ratified the declaration with Vice President Alfio Piva and Provincial Mayor Araya Monge also offering their endorsement.

Demand Justice for Severely Burned Puppy[]

logo House Leadership Proposes Moving "Immigration Amnesty Lite" How about we recall "House" leadership? How about that for a proposal?

CODEPINK: Take Action Now! | Tell Obama, Peace Not War in Syria! | Please SIGN and share petition NOW! Thanks ~