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Erkunde Rettungsaktion, Mittelmeer und noch mehr!

A man holds himself on the side of a boat after jumping into the sea from a crowded wooden boat during a rescue operation at the Mediterranean sea on Aug. 29. Sabratha, Libya Rettungsaktion im Mittelmeer. (29. August)

War Zone Emergency: 300 Ukraine dogs must be moved to Shelters ! Rettungsaktion für 300 ukrainische Hunde !

Dramatische Rettung dauert zwei Tage: Tierschützer befreien Hund aus steinhartem Teer-Panzer

DRAMATISCHE RETTUNGSAKTION Tierschützer befreien Hund aus steinhartem Teer-Panzer

Environmental Action--So so sad! This is tragic. The first wolf seen in Kentucky for 150 years, shot dead on sight. And it's just a taste of what's to come if the U.S. Department of the Interior moves ahead with it's plan to allow #wolf hunting. Even though you hate it, like and share this image so everyone knows to send their comment to save the wolves: Full story here:

petitie: Demand that Japan Ban Kill Shelters NOW! Let's Get 1 MILLION Signatures!, Japan

According to the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN), giraffe populations have... (141 signatures on petition)

Oh The Humanity Fail! China: Cruel Dog Meat Trade This poor dog has been beaten and probably already stabbed, judging by the pool of blood by it's hind legs. Humans are great though, self-aware image of God and all!!

Saving dancing bears – 10 Years of FOUR PAWS

PETITION UPDATE Bucheon Mayor Kim is visiting Sister City Bakersfield – time to urge the ending of dog meat cruelty. Video of dog meat trade from Korean TV.

A primate sanctuary in the U.K. is ready to welcome Opal with open arms, but the Natal Zoo owner is refusing to release her. (29492 signatures on petition)