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Erkunde Mir, Kampfsportarten und noch mehr!

An excellent #fitness #quote which makes me ready to go and workout! Comment if you're ready to get in shape also! View more here:

Yes he does!

Yin and Yang represents opposites. Cold -hot, hard-soft, night-day... you must…

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UFC lightweight and featherweight Champion Conor McGregor made MMA veteran Eddie Alvarez look completely silly at their UFC 205 fight at Madison Square Garden.

Being a white belt as an adult is harder than I thought.

#krav maga - This training helped me disarm a man from his gun and save two…

I’ve overtrained. As much as I could stand it. I wanted to be the best. Just like you do. Injuries put me on the shelf for weeks or months at a time, I’d sneak in a little drilling session before I was supposed to and BAM, back to square one. It’s frustrating to see guys bypassing you …