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mask fallen von Stefanie Montgomery

Grün ist die perfekte Farbe für alle Rothaarigen - wie Julianne Moore wunderhübsch beweist #juliannemoore #greenfashion

Portrait Photography by Andrea Hübner

There is just something about this picture. I guess I have found cutting my hair to be very freeing...

"Double Recessive" is a theatrical savage comedy about the impending extinction of red haired individuals. The show has been performed internationally by creator and star, Jordan Lloyd Watkins.

downcast eyes, lashes dusting freckled cheekbones, windblown red hair. she waits, seeking the stillness within, waiting for the quiet in which she can sense his heart beating, however far away he may be.

For some reason I want to caption this as "Calm in the Chaos." I don't know why... but... yeah...

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