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Erkunde Storch, Besten Bilder und noch mehr!

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I can hear the choppers sounding through the city. Their blades cut through the air with a beat that matches my heart. But even as I run, all I can think about is the thermal cameras that will catch me even if I hide. I am going to have to make a break for the river, and tough it out Farinhieght 451 style. You better not fail me now Guy.

The Stork Club on Rowena Street in Detroit (picture taken in 1932). It was the best blind pig (speakeasy) in the city. It was a favorite place for the Purple gangsters and other mobsters. From: Detroit's Infamous Purple Gang by Paul R. Kavieff

Tradition German Beer Hall original dining room. 127 years old! Welcome to Peter Lugers Steakhouse, Williamsburg, Brooklyn

Stork Restaurant in Amsterdam, The Netherlands // Yatzer

They look like dinosaurs to me ...

Csaba Bánáti, Hungarian CG artist, made this amazing visualization. He said: "I grew up between these blocks and when i was a kid there was this notorious daring game. I’ve never jumped..."

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